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‘Whose Face is Huge and Wears a Hideous Expression’: On David Larsen’s Translation of ‘Names of the Lion’

My latest… a review of David Larsen’s wonderful annotated translation of Ibn Khalawayh’s ‘Names of the Lion’: ARABLIT & ARABLIT QUARTERLY Back in 2011, The Economist complained it wasn’t possible to get … Continue reading

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UKIP leader deletes web page calling for end of NHS

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
(not satire – it’s the UKIP!) The UKIP is trying desperately to win votes from Labour. That’s probably why they’re doing everything they can…

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Obituary: Deyika Nzeribe, 1966-2017

Deyika Nzeribe, who has died suddenly aged 50, , was a much-loved and respected figure in Manchester.  His many admirable qualities included not just intelligence and concern about the s… … Continue reading

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Happy Now?

Originally posted on Katyboo1's Weblog:
It is day four in the Big Brexit house. I had hoped after Friday’s absolute catastrophe of a day that the country might somehow…

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Newly Translated: Poems to Read for Ashraf Fayadh on January 14

There will be two readings for Ashraf in Edinburgh, one at the Department for Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Edinburgh: and one at the Scottish Poetry Library … Continue reading

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Novels of Jewish-Muslim ‘Miscegenation’: A Thriving World

My new post for @ArabLit on Muslim-Jewish and Arab-Jewish romances in Arabic fiction: ARABLIT & ARABLIT QUARTERLY Demand for Dorit Rabinyan’s Borderlife has apparently surged since the novel was excluded from Israel’s high-school Hebrew-literature … Continue reading

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Moroccan Writer and Scholar Fatema Mernissi, 75

A great loss… one of the most important voices on women in the Middle East: ARABLIT & ARABLIT QUARTERLY Moroccan writer and scholar Fatema Mernissi, author of the acclaimed memoir Dreams … Continue reading

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Translation as Solidarity: The Book of Gaza

Originally posted on The Comma Press Blog:
GUEST BLOG – Sarah Irving, translator for The Book of Gaza,  has written a post on translation, the current situation in Gaza and her…

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Originally posted on Ian Bone:
Currently touring South Kensington………….cheers to Al Rottweiler Derby…will be at the Tory party conference in Manchester September 29th and here’s just the toons to go…

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Crowdfunding for Timbuktu’s Manuscripts

ARABLIT & ARABLIT QUARTERLY It’s not as sexy as saving ancient manuscripts from Islamists, but these manuscrips need rescue from humidity and bad storage, according to Dr. Abdel Kader Haïdara, of … Continue reading

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Appeal from the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

It seems to be a dangerous business being a left-wing organisation in London. Not long after Freedom Bookshop was burnt out, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign sent out the appeal below. … Continue reading

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