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New article: Jerusalem center promotes Palestinian heritage

Electronic Intifada, 21st October 2010 “I very much want this place to continue being a bit of Palestinian heritage,” says Huda Imam. “A place for people to come and research … Continue reading

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New article: Trying to watch the stars in the Palestinian desert

From Electronic Intifada, 11th October 2010: “As we pull off into the entrance signposted Wadi Qelt (with the Arabic script obscured by spray-paint), Ahmed swears ripely as we nearly hit … Continue reading

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Saturday night in Beit Sahour

It’s Saturday night in Beit Sahour, and a 70-something Palestinian woman is threatening to feed me arak (and salted almonds. I’m anyone’s for a few roasted almonds). Could be worse. … Continue reading

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Overheard on a Nesher

Entirely inadvertently, I seem to be doing a lot of earwigging at the moment. I don’t set things up that way, but my experiences in Jerusalem so far have accidentally … Continue reading

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Happiness is a good bookshop

I went to one of my favourite bookshops yesterday. I have various favourites around the world. One is the fabulous Shakespeare & Co in Paris. One was the late lamented … Continue reading

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New article: Musical Storytelling – Reem Kelani interviewed

From Electronic Intifada, 1st October 2010: Watching Reem Kelani perform in front of an ecstatic crowd at Halifax’s “Discover Palestine” festival, one would be forgiven for thinking that this is … Continue reading

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