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New article: review of Kuruvilla on radical Christianity in Palestine

Electronic Intifada, 28th June 2013 Looking at the personal and professional careers of Naim Ateek and Mitri Raheb, Kuruvilla then recounts the history of developments in Palestinian Christianity in recent … Continue reading

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The Sea (the film, that is…)

Went to see The Sea this evening, screening as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It turned out to be the World Premiere of the movie, which meant a … Continue reading

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Khalil Hawi

Khalil Hawi, Lebanese poet 1925-82, who committed suicide in response to the Israeli invasion of his country: We are from Beirut: alas, we were born With borrowed faces and with … Continue reading

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New article: ‘I Exist’ photo exhibition reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 19th June 2013 In a very different set of images, Jerusalem-based photographer Tanya Habjouqa documents the 2009 Arab Bodybuilding Championships in Amman, Jordan: dubbed the “Gaza Martyrs Tournament” … Continue reading

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The Rosenbergs’ Last Letter

Today is 60 years since Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed by the US government. Here are actor David Strathairn and playwright Eve Ensler reading the Rosenbergs’ final letter to … Continue reading

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Gazan writers denied UK entry

It can, of course, be taken as read that the UK Border Agency are utter bastards, but that doesn’t stop me getting very, very angry at individual cases. Here’s the … Continue reading

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New article: Hani Zurob artist biography reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 17th June 2013 Hani was… born and raised in the Rafah refugee camp. His first public art consisted of the graffiti and political posters of the first intifada, … Continue reading

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New Article: ‘The Wall’ reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 14th June 2013 The Wall also features the usual personal angst of teen novels. But again, they suggest bigger issues. Despite the aggressively masculine ideologies of the settlement … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding for Timbuktu’s Manuscripts

ARABLIT & ARABLIT QUARTERLY It’s not as sexy as saving ancient manuscripts from Islamists, but these manuscrips need rescue from humidity and bad storage, according to Dr. Abdel Kader Haïdara, of … Continue reading

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New article: ‘When I Saw You’ reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 3rd June 2013 Jacir’s portrayal of daily life is full of precise details which make it a joy to watch. Copies of Mao’s Little Red Book sit in … Continue reading

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Barbara Kingsolver at the South Bank

American novelist and biologist Barbara Kingsolver has a special place in my life, and especially in the story of my marriage, and that alone makes her dear to me. That … Continue reading

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