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All for a good cause?

Over the years, my friends and I have dressed up as some pretty bizarre things – angels, nudes, corpses, squirrels, cows – to protest against or raise awareness of issues … Continue reading

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Electricity prices keep rocketing – or do they?

Interesting letter from yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald. Fuel prices are as much a hot topic in Aus as in the UK, although I guess here a certain amount goes on … Continue reading

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New article: Shalom/Salaam reviewed

From Friends of Al-Aqsa, 20th April 2011: The core thesis of Shalom/Salaam is that during the medieval period, the tolerance of Muslim authorities in Iraq, Egypt and Al-Andalus towards their … Continue reading

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New article: Israel appropriating historical sites for colonial ends

Electronic Intifada, 18th April 2011: Maale Adumim is apparently, like some of the Etzion Bloc settlements (which are increasingly selling themselves as wine tourism destinations), seeking to add heritage tourism … Continue reading

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Interviewed in Green Left Weekly

Despite having done a fair amount of print, internet and radio interviews over the last decade, I still have trouble with the idea that I have anything much to offer … Continue reading

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Vittorio Arrigoni: an example of what one human being will do for right and justice. A hero in the truest sense of the word. Tales To Tell In Gaza Sleepless … Continue reading

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The Institute for Anarchist Studies Winter 2011 awards

I have reason to be grateful to the Institute for Anarchist Studies. They gave Manchester Radical History the first small grant which helped us get going, not just by publishing … Continue reading

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Andrew Bolt, Munther Fahmi

When I mentioned in an aside the other week that husband and I had been to Melbourne’s high court to see Andrew Bolt get a hiding, I hadn’t realised what … Continue reading

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Juliano Mer-Khamis – R.I.P

Someone murdered Juliano Mer-Khamis the day before yesterday. I only knew him very slightly, but enough to know that he was an amazing man who exuded the most incredible vitality, … Continue reading

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Reading Chaim Potok

There is a wrenchingly powerful passage in Chaim Potok’s The Promise, in which an elderly Rabbi, a great Talmudist who has survived the Holocaust in Eastern Europe and come to … Continue reading

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New article: Aboriginal Peoples Lose Rights and Mineral Rich Land in Northern Territory Intervention

From The WIP, April 2011: “It wasn’t our dream to come and eat at the white man’s table, to work for the white man as a slave,” says Reverend Dr … Continue reading

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