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I’ve travelled widely in Europe, the Middle East and Central America and have lived in Australia. In common with my other writing interests, I’m particularly interested in tourism with a social or political purpose, in eco-tourism and ethical tourism, and in travel for women and other groups with diverse needs.

I’m author of the Bradt Guidebook to Palestine. This was originally published in 2000 but after the outbreak of the Second Intifada was not renewed. I wrote an almost entirely new version to highlight the major changes which have taken place in Palestine in the past decade. I contributed to the new Bradt Guide to Tipping Etiquette and wrote a case study on the impacts of tourism in Central America for Martin Mowforth’s Tourism and Responsibility: perspectives from Latin America and the Caribbean (Routledge 2007).

I’ve also written a range of travel features and other articles for travel and general market publications. These include:

Guardian Travel, November 2011, Ten highlights of Palestine (link)
The Arab, October 2008: Granada’s Arabic heritage is alive and well (PDF with my images)
Brave New Traveler, April 2010: From Moses to Modernity – Passover with the Samaritans (link)
Electronic Intifada, October 2010: Trying to watch the stars in the Palestinian desert (link)
Electronic Intifada, November 2010: Sebastia’s living community sidelines for ancient ruins (link)
Ethical Consumer, May/June 2008: Ethical buyer’s guide to sustainable travel and transport in the UK and Europe
Ethical Consumer, January/February 2007: Ethical buyer’s guide to hotels
IslamOnline, August 2009: The Alpujarras (link)
IslamOnline, July 2009: Mini-Guide to Andalucia (link)
IslamOnline, July 2009: Seville’s Islamic heritage (link)
Matador Nights, February 2010: What to eat and drink in Palestine and where to do it (link)
Matador Trips, March 2010: Literary Paris (link)

I also used to blog, mainly on travel & tourism issues, for the Middle East environment website Green Prophet; some of these posts have also been syndicated by travel industry website TravelMole. As a copywriter I’ve also provided content for travel websites ranging from Palestinian solidarity tours to Cypriot villas, and guides on a variety of UK and overseas destinations for Simonseeks. I sporadically review massages and spas here.

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