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Academic Publications

Despite the push to open access publishing, many (if not most) academic articles are still behind subscription-only walls. Some of my articles and book chapters can be found on, if you have a login for that (it’s free, but a commercial enterprise and signing up comes with the usual annoying emails). If you don’t have access to one of my articles and would like to read it, please email me and I’ll send you a pdf.

‘This is Palestine’: history and modernity in guidebooks to Mandate Palestine, Contemporary Levant 4, 1 (2019) (special issue: The British Mandate in Palestine: New Histories, New Historical Agents and Re-framing Old Paradigms).

“A Young Man of Promise” – Finding a Place for Stephan Hanna Stephan in the History of Mandate Palestine,’ Jerusalem Quarterly 73 (Spring 2018), 42-62.

A Tale of Two Yusifs: Recovering Arab Agency in Palestine Exploration Fund Excavations 1890–1924,’ Palestine Exploration Quarterly 149, 3 (2017): 223-36.

Gender, Conflict, and Muslim-Jewish Romance: Reading ʿAli Al-Muqri’s The Handsome Jew and Mahmoud Saeed’s The World through the Eyes of Angels,’ Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies 12,3 (2016): 343-362.

My or Orcid pages also include links or pdfs to academic book reviews.

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