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Farewell 2011

2011 has been a year of considerable highs and lows on a personal front as well as on the world scale. We still, of course, don’t know where the Arab … Continue reading

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Shafiq al-Hout – My Life in the PLO

Shafiq al-Hout My Life in the PLO: The Inside Story of the Palestinian Struggle Pluto Press 2011 As I had depressingly reinforced to me earlier this year in Melbourne, some … Continue reading

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Photos, 1948

When you’re looking for one thing, often you find something else, equally interesting and distressingly diverting. Today, I came across two examples of the work of John Phillips, the photojournalist … Continue reading

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'Weekend' reviewed

Went to the flicks last weekend with friend Ruth. We nearly saw Puss In Boots, it being nearly Christmas and both of us in the mood for something unchallenging. But … Continue reading

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International Understanding

With thanks to Sadia:

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Nabi Saleh's first martyr

“The [Israeli soldiers] laughed at us as we screamed at them to let us through to where he was, unconscious in a taxi near the watchtower. They threatened us if … Continue reading

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Bradt Guide to Palestine in GLW

The Bradt Guide to Palestine was listed as one of Green Left Weekly’s top choices for summer reading (this is an Australian publication!). Many thanks to Patrick Harrison, who recently … Continue reading

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Women's journals in 19th century Egypt

I love seeing Western stereotypes of Middle Eastern and Muslim women messed around with. Here is an excerpt from today’s piece of light reading, Beth Baron’s The Women’s Awakening in … Continue reading

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Getting around the West Bank

“Tube shmube and urban planning patooie”, says Sara, a volunteer teacher in Nablus. “There is nowhere easier to get around than the West Bank. I know – hugely unexpected and … Continue reading

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New policy announcement

As from now, I won’t be engaging directly with comments posted by right-wing Zionist trolls. Unlike many of these, I’m not being paid to conduct long and exhausting discussions online, … Continue reading

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