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New article: Book Review – Europe's Alliance With Israel

Electronic Intifada, 30th December 2010: From the eastern side of the Atlantic, it’s easy to pin all the world’s ills on the United States. Other Western countries may have perpetrated … Continue reading

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Scrabble in Marion

It’s often easy to forget that getting ‘off the beaten track’ doesn’t always mean rushing off to distant and dangerous places. Sometimes it can mean finding the bits of superficially … Continue reading

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Second anniversary of the attack on Gaza

Cheerful anniversary today: it’s two years since the start of the massive Israeli aerial bombardment and invasion of Gaza. The Israeli military codenamed it ‘Operation Cast Lead’; Amnesty International called … Continue reading

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End-of-year stocktake

Here’s my end-of-year, stock-taking kind of post. Yes I’m blogging on Christmas Day, but only because I’m online waiting for my Mum on the other side of the world to … Continue reading

December 25, 2010 · 1 Comment

Richard Falk on eyewitness accounts of Palestine

December 21st seems to have been Gaza: Beneath the Bombs‘ lucky day. Nearly a year after it was published it’s easy to feel that all the fuss that has been … Continue reading

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Gaza: Beneath the Bombs – a 'page-turner of the year'

Bless Google Alerts. This morning I found that Ian Sinclair has chosen Gaza: Beneath the Bombs as one of his ‘page-turners of the year’ in the Morning Star, saying that: … Continue reading

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New article: How Europe aids the Occupation – David Cronin interviewed

Electronic Intifada, 20th December 2010 In his new book Europe’s Alliance with Israel: Aiding the Occupation, journalist David Cronin traces the intricacies of the relationship between the State of Israel … Continue reading

December 20, 2010 · 3 Comments

'Walk the Proud Land'

Killing time in Unley shopping centre today, I came across the DVD of a 1956 Western called ‘Walk the Proud Land.’ The blurb on the back described it as: “The … Continue reading

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Harassmap: Egyptian women challenge sleaze

Now this is what social media SHOULD be about. Fucking brilliant – a way for women to use technology to report, track and expose pathetic, scummy men who abuse their … Continue reading

December 18, 2010 · 1 Comment

When 'co-operatives' aren't so great

You could say I’ve done a lot of my growing up in the co-operative movement. I joined my first worker co-operative (Ethical Consumer magazine) at 23. I’ve worked for Manchester-based … Continue reading

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My tuppence worth on the Wikileaks affair

It’s an interesting time to be a newbie in Australia, what with Julian Assange suddenly going from being some obscure activist geek to the best-known Aussie in the world in … Continue reading

December 16, 2010 · 3 Comments