Sarah Irving

I do things with words, mainly English and Arabic

[old] Copywriting & Report Writing

My grounding in political, environmental and social enterprise issues means that I’m well placed to provide well-researched, accurate, engaging copy for websites, reports and brochures for organisations working in these fields. I also have wide-ranging experience in identifying, interviewing and writing up case studies ranging from youth group volunteers to social enterprise managers.

Examples of my work include:

– shaping content, finding and interviewing case studies and writing copy for Co-operatives UK’s Creative Co-operatives website and the accompanying brochure;

– selecting and interviewing case studies on social enterprise in Greater Manchester for a series of short films and a brochure published by the TogetherWorks network;

– interviewing Palestinian women working in Israeli settlements about labour rights abuses and preparing a preliminary report for Women Working Worldwide;

– conducting desk research and a literature review for TogetherWorks on the barriers women face when establishing social enterprises or working in the social enterprise sector;

– turning speech transcripts and notes from a British Urban Regeneration Association conference on seaside renewal into a report commissioned by New Start Plus;

– interviewing case studies of young people and youth workers and conducting background research for a RENEW practice paper on youth engagement in Cumbria, also for New Start Plus.

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