Sarah Irving

I do things with words, mainly English and Arabic

[old] Articles

I’ve written features, news, reviews, interviews and travel articles for a range of publications over the past decade. These have included:

– a wide range of articles on Palestine (including book, film and theatre reviews and reportage on subjects ranging from Israeli assassinations to labour conditions in Israeli settlements) for Electronic Intifada;

– articles on travel in Palestine and on fair trade in conflict zones for the Guardian;

– articles on travel in Palestine and on the Transition sustainability movement for Red Pepper;

– coverage for Women’s Enews of subjects including women ethical entrepreneurs, hunger striking asylum seekers and conditions in British prisons;

– coverage for Big Issue in the North of topics including a visit by international Fairtrade farmers to Cumbria, Palestinian fighter Leila Khaled, environmental issues around the Dead Sea, and Palestinian singer Reem Kelani;

– reporting for Women’s International Perspective (The WIP) on burqa debates in Australia, native Australian land rights, women entrepreneurs in the Palestinian city of Nablus and the impacts of climate change on women in Pakistan.

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