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Scrabble in Marion

It’s often easy to forget that getting ‘off the beaten track’ doesn’t always mean rushing off to distant and dangerous places. Sometimes it can mean finding the bits of superficially familiar places and people which we just don’t normally see. Until I met my (at the time future) husband’s family I had no idea that Scrabble tournaments existed. For me, Scrabble was an occasionally pleasurable and often acrimonious game played on Sunday evenings with my Mum and sister. But some people take Scrabble very, very seriously indeed and tournaments like a ‘Christmas leftovers’ pot-luck at Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre in Marion, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia, are the scenes of amazing displays of concentration, mental dexterity and memory.  The top score was 560, my mother-in-law won the ‘highest losing score’ hot chocolate mug with 445. My father-in-law was miffed because he loves hot chocolate and was next on the list, with 418.

The three photo galleries are here:
The post-mortem

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