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Sleeping on Stones

Below is a link to the trailer for Sleeping on Stones. Currently in development, if it gets made it will be the first feature-length movie to be shot in Hebron.

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Slightly more pleasant things

After that post about my most recent… well, not really a troll. More of a crypto-troll. But being subtle about it doesn’t make you any less of a malign timewaster. … Continue reading

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The CAMERA never lies?

So, amongst the small slew of hate mail and spectacular volume of spam my Guardian piece on travel to Palestine has inspired, today I got this interesting little email: From: … Continue reading

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Nov 30th: all out?

Tomorrow is strike day across the UK; the press all seem to be bellowing about ‘disruption’ without much comment on why industrial action is necessary. At the University of Edinburgh, … Continue reading

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Nahr el-Bared refugee camp: The Incredible Juicer

There’s little to be amused by in the bloody destruction by the Lebanese army of Nahr el-Bared refugee camp during a three-month siege in 2007. But this tiny film is … Continue reading

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New article: 10 Highlights of Palestine

Guardian Travel, 18th November 2011 Being woken at 4.30am is rarely a plus. But heard from the Cinema Jenin guesthouse in the city centre, in a cool, clear dawn, the … Continue reading

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Hanna Braun RIP

Today I learned some sad news; of the death of Hanna Braun. Hanna was an amazing woman and a wonderful example of the principled stance some members of the Jewish … Continue reading

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Two minutes of silence

On Friday, at 11am, the tutor in my Arabic class stopped us all for 2 minutes of silence. It is years and years since I was last in a place … Continue reading

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Right To Education week at Edinburgh Uni

Right To Education is a project of Bir Zeit University, just outside Ramallah in the West Bank. It: seeks to raise international awareness about the obstruction and denial of education … Continue reading

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Bradt Guide to Palestine – finally out

So, I now have not only a lone advance copy of my new Bradt Guide to Palestine, but a box filled with all my author comps. It’s officially for sale … Continue reading

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Track the location of the Freedom Waves flotilla here…

[This map shows land mass in black and ocean in gray. Territorial waters are outlined in light purple. If the boats seem to just be in a sea of blue, … Continue reading

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Ian Murray MP on Palestinian prisoners

Writing to one’s elected representatives is often a thankless, miserable and useless activity. At the moment, though, I seem to have acquired myself an MP who is not only delightfully … Continue reading

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