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Translation as Solidarity: The Book of Gaza

My guest post on the Comma Press blog, reflecting on my experience of translating for Comma’s Book of Gaza.

The Comma Press Blog

GUEST BLOG – Sarah Irving, translator for The Book of Gaza,  has written a post on translation, the current situation in Gaza and her experiences and thoughts as a translator. In the light of Neyrouz Qarmout, author in The Book of Gaza, not being able to come to the UK for literary festivals last weekend, as planned, the idea of Translation as Solidarity is more important than ever. 


As my friend Dena observed on Twitter today, Gaza came under attack from the Israeli air force yet again today, something that seems to be turning into a bit of a summer ritual:

Israel’s bombing #Gaza again. Warm enough for fighter pilots? Is it something botanical?

This year, at least, there doesn’t seem to have been the steady ramping up by the Israeli government of spurious excuses which led up to last summer’s huge and  bloody bombardment. That leaves a…

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