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Appeal from the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

It seems to be a dangerous business being a left-wing organisation in London. Not long after Freedom Bookshop was burnt out, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign sent out the appeal below. The NSC is a small but stalwart group which supports community work – especially fair trade producers and women’s rights organisations – in Nicaragua, a country which used to be at the centre of left-wing consciousness worldwide but has now rather fallen off the political priority list. I spent a summer in Nicaragua with an NSC brigade in the mid-90s and it still has a special place in my heart – this is, after all, the ‘threat of a good example’ which inspired so much fear and loathing in the likes of Ronald Reagan:

On the night of March 7th there was an arson attack on the building in which our office is usually based. Windows were broken and petrol poured in. No-one was hurt, our room is fine but two of the other offices were badly burned and there is structural damage to the building. It is not known why the building was targeted but it is the home of several left-wing organisations and an MP.
After a few days we were able to go back for 2 hours and retrieve anything we might need for 10 weeks (tbc). Of course every day we remember something else we need and we have had to pay for various things as you can imagine. Worst of all our sales operation is minimal as most of the stock is in the other building. People are making online orders and I can’t fulfil them. Our insurance covers us for very little including loss of earnings..
Could you make a donation to help us in this unforeseen situation? Even if you are not someone who usually donates to NSC would you be able to donate this time? I’m not going to send out the usual Spring appeal for funds.
You can make a donation online here.
OR do a bank transfer to Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign, Sort Code 08-60-01 Account no. 50724556
OR post a cheque to NSC, 86, Durham Rd, N7 7DT. This is the old address but mail is being forwarded.

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