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New article: Iman Aoun of Ashtar Theatre interviewed

From Electronic Intifada, 27th April 2012

“When they [the Globe] invited us to participate, they suggested Richard II. The Globe had seen Richard II as somehow relevant to our kind of work, specifically that the play is very highly politicized. They had a knowledge of our work as a company, that all the time we try to look into politics through culture, to marry one to the other through the eyes of high artistic presentation, but also to be totally and completely part of our situation and to be connected to our people and to the world. This is always in our mind and in our work, so in most of our productions you could sense either a commentary on our lives or on life in general and its connection to economics or politics or to human rights. And that’s why, probably, the Globe suggested Richard II because they have seen some connection with the politics that are happening in the Arab world”.

The full article is here.

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