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New review: ‘Points of Departure’ at the ICA

Electronic Intifada, 10th July 2013

The results are effectively six mini-exhibitions, each composed of several pieces in various media. This permits a broad exploration of questions around nationalism, identity, history and place.
As one enters the gallery, the first display is the work of Bisan Abu Eisheh. A map of the Jerusalem region is printed on a blackboard-topped table; a pile of chalks allow viewers to add their own lines, comments and interpretations to what they see, with responses ranging from “this is an illegal settlement” to “blah blah blah.” The artificiality of borders and the imposition of settlements into an evolving geography is highlighted.
Accompanying this are four small screens showing video images of daily life at various sites around Jerusalem. Next to each screen is pasted the corresponding page from the DK Eyewitness guidebook to “Jerusalem, Israel, Petra and Sinai.” The information it offers tourists — foregrounding Jewish history and Israeli narratives of the present situation — contrasts markedly with Palestinian daily life.

The full article is here.

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