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New review: ‘Rhetorics of Belonging’

Electronic Intifada, 28th March 2014 When it is read in universities or for the pages of publications such as The New York Review of Books or literary supplements of London … Continue reading

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New review: Anarchists Against the Wall

Electronic Intifada, 6th February 2014 Anarchists Against the Wall, therefore, raises important issues which are often under-discussed in all movements, especially those concerned with “solidarity” or being “allies.” These include … Continue reading

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Distractions and Destructions

Here, courtesy of Visualizing Palestine, is a graphic which is: a) a terrifying illustration of the way in which the Israeli government has successfully used the idea of ‘peace talks’ … Continue reading

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Israel and the rights of the child

My Mum (an amazing woman, btw – Hi Mum!) shared this. I have nothing to add, really: Guardian, 20th November Israel to stop issuing birth certificates to babies born to … Continue reading

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New review: ‘Points of Departure’ at the ICA

Electronic Intifada, 10th July 2013 The results are effectively six mini-exhibitions, each composed of several pieces in various media. This permits a broad exploration of questions around nationalism, identity, history … Continue reading

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Khalil Hawi

Khalil Hawi, Lebanese poet 1925-82, who committed suicide in response to the Israeli invasion of his country: We are from Beirut: alas, we were born With borrowed faces and with … Continue reading

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Forensics, denial, Rios Montt, Green Lines and ratshit

Last Monday I had the privilege of seeing Eyal Weizman deliver the 2013 Tom Hurndall Memorial Lecture at Manchester Metropolitan University. Tom, in case you don’t know, was a young … Continue reading

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New article: Dor Guez at The Mosaic Rooms reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 18th April 2013 “We are a minority within a minority,” says one of the speakers in Watermelons about Christians in the Middle East. “Nobody would think twice if … Continue reading

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New article: Cairo remains dependent on US aid

Electronic Intifada, 10th April 2013 While some Palestinians and their supporters saw a ray of light in the election of Mohammed Morsi and his government’s apparent solidarity with Gaza when … Continue reading

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Palestine’s lost villages

Zochrot is an Israeli organisation which tries to educate people about the ignored Palestinian history which underlies every Israeli city, town, village, national park… one of the ways it does … Continue reading

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Eyal Weizman in Manchester

This is one to look forward to… Eyal Weizman, author of Hollow Land, Mengele’s Skull, A Civilian Occupation and many other interesting, thoughtful, challenging books, will be delivering the 2013 … Continue reading

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The Boyarins on ‘the Lebensraum rhetoric on the part of mainstream Israeli politicians’

It’s my great privilege at the moment – and somewhat of an irony and cause for shame, given that the Cameron government’s efforts to destroy every remnant of a social … Continue reading

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Signing up to BWISP

I’m very happy to have become the 70th signatory to BWISP, British Writers in Support of Palestine. There’s plenty more about the organisation on its own website, but in short … Continue reading

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Haifa’s ‘path of poetry’

This is the second (possibly last, not sure yet) post expanding on some of the points from Khaled Furani’s Silencing the Sea which I couldn’t shoehorn into the proper review … Continue reading

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Daud Turki, Palestinian poetry and Israeli prisons

I’ve just – finally, after the long haul which can be the price of enthusiasm – finished writing a review for Electronic Intifada of Khaled Furani’s Silencing the Sea. There … Continue reading

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Exciting things to go and see at the Whitworth

There are two fascinating/lovely exhibitions (see applicability below!) on at the Whitworth Art Gallery at the moment. Both are on until January 27th, so plenty of time to go and … Continue reading

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