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Communique from Subcomandante Marcos: 20th Anniversary of Zapatista Armed Rebellion

The breaking of the first day of 1994 saw one of the most exciting movements of recent decades reveal itself, the EZLN (Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional – Zapatista National … Continue reading

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New article: Aboriginal Peoples Lose Rights and Mineral Rich Land in Northern Territory Intervention

From The WIP, April 2011: “It wasn’t our dream to come and eat at the white man’s table, to work for the white man as a slave,” says Reverend Dr … Continue reading

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‘Why Indigenous Disadvantage is so hard to overcome’

Last Thursday went to a lecture by Larissa Behrendt at the Wheeler Centre (named after Tony & Maureen of Lonely Planet fame). They have a neat ‘lunchbox’ format – half-hour … Continue reading

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