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New Samih al-Qasim anthology review

The Electronic Intifada, 3rd January 2017

The only two significant bodies of al-Qasim’s poetry available in translation were, until now, Sadder than Water, a fine bilingual edition from Jerusalem-based Ibis Editions translated by Nazih Kassis, and a selection in the Saqi Books collection Victims of a Map, which places al-Qasim’s work alongside Darwish and the great Syrian poet Adonis.
In theory, at least, ‘Abdulwahid Lu’lu’a’s anthology, All Faces but Mine, should correct this situation. It contains a generous 250 pages of poems translated into English, drawn from 12 of al-Qasim’s collections of work originally published between 1991 and 2014.

The full review is here.

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