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New review: Sayed Kashua’s ‘Native’

Electronic Intifada, 7th July 2016

When novelist and columnist Sayed Kashua announced in 2014 that he and his family would be leaving Jerusalem for the US, the announcement was a minor blip in a summer of death and turmoil in Palestine.
Amid the carnage of more than 2,000 dead wrought by the Israeli bombardment of Gaza and vicious attacks against Palestinians in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, the despair of a writer — a Palestinian citizen of Israel who famously writes in Hebrew — might seem a drop in the ocean.
But after almost a decade of columns written by Kashua for the liberal-left Israeli newspaper Haaretz, his departure symbolized the death of an experiment in optimism.

The full article is here.
(It is also worth pointing out that, because I’m lazy and a creature of habit, the cover image that accompanies this blog post is the American version, by Grove Press, which subtitles the book “Dispatches from an Israeli-Palestinian life”. Saqi’s British edition has “Palestinian-Israeli”. Plus ca change).

2 comments on “New review: Sayed Kashua’s ‘Native’

  1. mlynxqualey
    July 7, 2016

    Did you ask either press for a comment about why that is? Neither has answered me (although I didn’t push very hard for an answer).

    • Sarah Irving
      July 7, 2016

      Nope. Didn’t see the US one till after I’d filed. One can guess, but it would be interesting to know how they’d phrase a reason.

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