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The Book of Khartoum


This is exciting (for me…). Comma Press now have copies of The Book of Khartoum, an anthology of Sudanese short stories co-edited by my fellow IMES PhDer Raph Cormack; I was one of those privileged to be asked to translate works for the collection. I don’t know if this is the first/only anthology of stories from (north) Sudan but there certainly aren’t many others! I translated ‘In the City’, a very short tale by the late Sudanese writer Ali al-Makk; the other authors represented in the collection are Bushra al-Fadil, Isa al-Hilu, Abdel Aziz Baraka Sakin, Arthur Gabriel Yak, Hammour Ziada, Ahmed al-Malik, Bawadir Bashir, Mamoun Eltlib and Rania Mamoun. My fellow translators, along with editors Max Shmookler and Raph Cormack, were Thoraya El-Rayyes, Mohammed Ghalayeini, Elisabeth Jaquette, Andrew Leber, & Adam Talib.

One comment on “The Book of Khartoum

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