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New review: Speed Sisters

Electronic Intifada, 23rd March 2016

Marah, with whom Betty maintains a sometimes bitter rivalry, comes from Jenin refugee camp but, contrary to the camp’s conservative image, is backed by her family to extraordinary lengths.
According to Marah’s father, a dental technician who is shown working 14-hour days to fund his daughter’s sport, he first spotted her talent when, at the age of 11, she stole the family car and burned out the engine driving around the neighborhood.
At times, Noor — now the Middle East’s only female drift racer — seems to be Marah’s main supporter in her competition with Betty. But it falls to captain Maysoon, an elegant businesswoman, to use her diplomatic skills to keep the team together.
Maysoon’s skill in handling people is also reflected in her comments on the fear many men have of strong women. She has to make herself “smaller,” she admits, to persuade the head of the Palestine Racing Federation to accept her advice without resenting her gender.

The full review is here.

One comment on “New review: Speed Sisters

  1. khulud khamis
    March 26, 2016

    they are such an inspiration. breaking through all barriers – occupation, patriarchy, gender roles, moving from those designated private spheres to the public sphere with such force.

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