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New review: ‘Curse of the Achille Lauro’

Electronic Intifada, 26th August 2015

In 1985 four Palestinian commandos booked passage on an Italian cruise liner, the Achille Lauro. According to their plan, they should have remained undercover, acting as holidaymakers, until they reached an Israeli port. Then they would disembark and engage Israeli troops. But fearing discovery, the four instead hijacked the liner and, panicking, started to threaten passengers. They shot and killed Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old New Yorker who used a wheelchair.
Mohammad al-Abbas, known as Abu al-Abbas, had masterminded the operation in his role as military commander of the Palestine Liberation Front, one of the many factions of the armed Palestinian resistance active in the 1970s and ’80s.
Curse of the Achille Lauro is an attempt by his widow, Reem al-Nimer, to tell Abu al-Abbas’ life story, to place his record as a fighter in its personal and historic context, and to offer a portrait of the heyday of the Palestinian resistance.

The full review is here.

4 comments on “New review: ‘Curse of the Achille Lauro’

  1. Petr
    October 14, 2015

    A lame attempt to whitewash a Palestinian coward who killed a wheelchair-bound pensioner. Yawn.

  2. Kera
    October 25, 2015

    Clearly she celebrates terrorists.

    • Sarah Irving
      October 25, 2015

      Or clearly neither of you have read either the review or the book itself. But don’t let that stop you jumping to conclusions…

  3. DWAI
    November 21, 2015

    Or nobody reads your shit because you’re a pile of filthy immoral scum that only adds more bullshit worthless nonsense to the world, pig.

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