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New review: ‘People Without a Land’

Electronic Intifada, 8th July 2015

There are a few contradicting voices, reminders of what believers in genuine “ethical coexistence” (Omar Barghouti’s phrase) are up against. The film opens with a young Israeli man calmly explaining that no gentiles must be permitted to live in the Land of Israel; all Arabs must be expelled between “the river [Jordan] and the sea.”
A heavier presence is Arnon Soffer, a professor in demographics at Haifa University and originator of the wriggling path of Israel’s wall in the occupied West Bank. He, unlike most Israeli spokespeople, is at least honest about its purpose: to carve out land on which the majority of the settlements are built and incorporate them into Israel, anticipating a complete separation of Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

The full article is here.

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