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New review: ‘Dear Darwish’

Electronic Intifada, 23rd May 2014

And the poetry itself is often good — moving, sophisticated. If this were a review solely based on the aesthetic quality of the poetry it would be much simpler to write, and it would be much easier to be unequivocally positive.
In her “Afterthoughts,” Kornberg-Weiss says that “Like many Israelis, I had little/no access to Palestinian literature,” and claims that — having encountered and explored Darwish’s work — her own poetry “enables me to encounter him as a poet whose existence was denied to me.”
But it is precisely her choice to incorporate Darwish’s poetry into her own work — indeed, attention-grabbingly, into the very title of her book — that opens Kornberg-Weiss up to criticism.

The full article is here.

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