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Israel and the rights of the child

My Mum (an amazing woman, btw – Hi Mum!) shared this. I have nothing to add, really:

Guardian, 20th November Israel to stop issuing birth certificates to babies born to foreigners:
Israel says it is not obliged to issue documentation and wants to stop foreigners using birth certificates to stay in country

This response today on the letters page:

My heart sank when I read your headline (Israel: No birth certificates for children of foreigners, 21 November). This contravenes article 7 of the UN convention on the rights of the child (relating to every child’s right to a registered name and nationality) and article 8 (relating to the preservation of identity through an official record of who they are). The ideas behind the convention originate with Janusz Korczak, heroic paediatrician in the Warsaw ghetto. He and his orphanage children did not live to see the UN agreement. They all perished in Treblinka.
Professor Woody Caan
Duxford, Cambridge

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