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(Paid) research/curatorial internship, Alwaleed Centre, Edinburgh

This very exciting looking ad just came up from the Alwaleed Centre, based in the same department as me at Edinburgh University…

Call for research internship applications

10-month part-time research internship is offered by the Alwaleed Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World, University of Edinburgh. An intern will contribute to the exhibition scheduled in early August – late October 2014 in conjunction with the 700th Anniversary of the production of Rashid al-Din’s World History (one of the masterpieces of medieval Islamic manuscripts in the Edinburgh University Library collection; for further information about this manuscript, see “Digital book” of Rashid al-Din’s World History, now online at the Centre for Research Collections as well as to the organisation of an international conference scheduled in early September.

Hours and duration:
Part-time (i.e. infrequent meeting attendance, e-mails, website maintenance) for 10 months from January till October but with hours increasing dramatically between early June (before the exhibition opening) and mid-September (before and during the conference).

The intern is ideally based in Edinburgh.

Financial compensation:
Lump sum payment

Internship description:
The intern will be engaged in every stage of the exhibition preparation from January 2014 and will contribute to various exhibition publications (labels, text panels, booklets and the exhibition website). The intern’s contribution will be acknowledged in any publications. The intern must deliver exhibition-related materials by tight deadlines. In addition, the intern will be engaged in the organisation of an international conference being planned in early-mid September 2014 in Edinburgh.

Required qualifications:
The successful applicant will be highly organised, flexible and motivated, and more importantly, willing to work as a team (with Dr Yuka Kadoi, who leads the exhibition project; with the administrative members of the Alwaleed Centre). S/he will have some experience conducting research in art history (ideally Islamic art, medieval European or Persian manuscript studies) and/or Islamic & Middle Eastern studies (ideally medieval Iranian history and culture; the knowledge of Arabic or Persian is not necessary but advantageous). S/he will have some interest in curatorial career.

Eligibility criteria:
Applicants ideally have a postgraduate degree or are enrolled in a PhD programme.
Please send a letter of application (explaining why you are interested in this opportunity) and a short CV by 30 November to No reference letter is required. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to informal interviews in early December.

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