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New review: Khaled Jarrar’s ‘Infiltrators’

Electronic Intifada, 6th July 2013

“Once I fell and broke my legs,” says one of the hundreds of workers who cross Israel’s wall in the West Bank each week. “Their dogs nailed me to the ground and I had to wait for the army to come.”
According to artist and director Khaled Jarrar, between 200 and 400 workers climb over, jump off, tunnel under or find ways around the wall each weeknight, with the number rising to perhaps 1,000 per night on weekends. With real work hard to come by in the occupied West Bank, these men and women risk imprisonment, injury and death to reach “illegal” jobs in Israel.

The full article is here.

One comment on “New review: Khaled Jarrar’s ‘Infiltrators’

  1. Jerry "Peacemaker"
    July 16, 2013

    Being new to your blog perhaps you could briefly share what the film is saying in the largest sense, the larger story. With the extremely limited amount of information average Americans receive on the Middle East many have the desire to know the truth.
    Thank you,

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