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New article: Hani Zurob artist biography reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 17th June 2013

Hani was… born and raised in the Rafah refugee camp. His first public art consisted of the graffiti and political posters of the first intifada, and despite the initial hopes of the Oslo accords, Israeli restrictions on Palestinian movement meant that he spent the late 1990s studying art at al-Najah University in Nablus as an “illegal,” constantly under threat of being discovered and deported.
Although after his graduation in 1999 Zurob rapidly began to exhibit his work and find commercial success for himself, Boullata locates his growing career in the tricky surroundings of the “Ramallah bubble,” redolent of corruption and detached from most Palestinians’ lives. Eventually, Zurob took the decision to work away from the politics of the Palestinian Authority-influenced West Bank, and left for Paris…

The full article is here.

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