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New article: Trio Joubran collection reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 12th April 2013

The Trio Joubran are perhaps Palestine’s best-known exponents of the oud, a traditional Arabic stringed instrument. Three brothers from a family of musicians and instrument-makers from Nazareth, the Joubrans celebrated their tenth anniversary playing together by releasing a luxurious box set, functionally titled The First Ten Years, featuring both back catalog and new material… Both the Trio’s recorded work and their live performances have blossomed as the brothers have melded their sounds and musical personalities together. Their stage act is given humanity by the interplay between them — often “duelling” and conversing with their instruments — and by the affectionate teasing of Samir and “little brother” Adnan, the last to be “allowed” to play alongside his siblings. This sense of complementary personalities and styles results in musical creations which blend innovation with traditional virtuosity.

Trio Joubran
The full review is here.

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