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New article: Cairo remains dependent on US aid

Electronic Intifada, 10th April 2013

While some Palestinians and their supporters saw a ray of light in the election of Mohammed Morsi and his government’s apparent solidarity with Gaza when it came under attack by Israel in November 2012, the Egyptian state’s more recent behavior towards its neighbors in Gaza have highlighted how unreliable this support can be. In February, for example, the Cairo authorities launched an operation against the tunnels linking Gaza and Egypt, flooding them with sewage.
A new book — Representing Israel in Modern Egypt: Ideas, Intellectuals and Foreign Policy from Nasser to Mubarak by Ewan Stein of the University of Edinburgh — examines the positions of Egypt’s political and intellectual classes towards Palestine and Israel since the 1930s. Sarah Irving spoke to Ewan Stein for The Electronic Intifada.

The full article is here.

Ewan Stein - Representing Israel

This article is an interview with Ewan Stein, acting director of CASAW at the University of Edinburgh, about his book, Representing Israel in Modern Egypt (published by IB Tauris). It’s look at the way in which the political and intellectual classes in Egypt have thought about Israel from the pre-Nasser era to the fall of Mubarak.

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