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Palestine’s lost villages

Tarshiha, 1949

Tarshiha, 1949

Zochrot is an Israeli organisation which tries to educate people about the ignored Palestinian history which underlies every Israeli city, town, village, national park… one of the ways it does this is to organise tours to villages destroyed by Israel in/after the Nakba, or to modern towns and cities to rediscover the signs left of their Palestinian past. I recently came across this page on their website, which is an amazing resource – the deeply-researched booklets which are produced to accompany each tour. They don’t just include historical information about the sites, but also maps, images from before the Nakba, testimonies from survivors and a general wealth of information about Palestinian life before it was obliterated from large areas in 1948. The booklets are all completely bilingual (Arabic/Hebrew) but most also have summaries of their content in English.

Today, April 9th, is of course a day to devote to memory and remembering – of both the Deir Yassin massacre by the Irgun in 1948, and of the killing in Beirut in 1973 of Palestinian resistance, including Kamal Adwan and Kamal Nasser, in Israeli raids (‘Operation Spring of Youth’) led by Ehud Barak.

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