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Eyal Weizman in Manchester

Hollow Land

This is one to look forward to… Eyal Weizman, author of Hollow Land, Mengele’s Skull, A Civilian Occupation and many other interesting, thoughtful, challenging books, will be delivering the 2013 Tom Hurndall Memorial Lecture. Originally an architect but now more of a – what? a thinker? a philosopher? – Weizman is not an easy or a comfortable mind to encounter. He uncovers and unpicks the stealthy, surreptitious, insidious ways in which colonialism works, how its obvious faces are underpinned by supposedly benign or neutral processes. He’s not a flashy speaker, either, but he is an absorbing and deeply, importantly thought-provoking one. Here is an interview with him that shows a bit of what I mean…

Tom Hurndall was a student at Manchester Metropolitan University who was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier in 2003, whilst trying to get Palestinian children to safety in a street in Gaza. After months in a coma, he died in January 2004. This year’s lecture in his memory is at 18:00 on 22nd April in Lecture Theatre CO14, John Dalton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University.

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  1. Sarah Irving
    May 16, 2013

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