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New article: ‘Poets of Protest’ reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 28th February 2013

“All revolutions begin as poetry. Poetry and protest are inseparable twins,” says Yehia Jaber. He should know. A former fighter whose memories include patrolling the night-time Lebanese coast to watch for Israeli landing-parties, Jaber is now a high-profile poet whose work combines satire with aching sadness.
Jaber is one of six poets from across the Middle East filmed for Poets of Protest, a series of six documentaries dreamed up by Iranian-British filmmaker Roxana Vilk and directed by Vilk, May Abdalla and Noe Mendelle. Each program — available via the Al Jazeera website or YouTube — focuses on a single poet, tracing the themes which unite them all.

The full article is here.

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