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Ibrahim Nasrallah, Edinburgh, 12th March


After a string of depressing things, I just got a very nice press release from the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World in Edinburgh, saying that the wonderful Palestinian novelist and poet Ibrahim Nasrallah will be speaking in Edinburgh on March 12th, at Blackwell’s Bookshop. Characteristically (for CASAW events at least) Blackwell’s front desk knew nothing about it when I rang up, but I assume for a writer of this stature the event will be ticketed. The chair will be Professor Marilyn Booth. Much to look forward to…

[Update 22nd Feb: the event will be at 6pm, and will be free but ticketed. Tickets are available from Blackwell’s front desk or by calling 0131 622 8222]

Nasrallah is probably best-known in the English-speaking world for his novels, especially Time of White Horses, but here he is reciting one of his poems:

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