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Signing up to BWISP

I’m very happy to have become the 70th signatory to BWISP, British Writers in Support of Palestine. There’s plenty more about the organisation on its own website, but in short it’s a list of signatories to a statement in support of Palestinian rights, and in particular in support of the academic and cultural boycott of Israeli institutions (not, despite hysterical claims from supporters of the State of Israel, of Jewish or Israeli individuals). The most important part of BWISP’s statement for me is probably: “nor do we wish to help sustain the deliberately fostered illusion of moral and military parity between the two actors in this conflict”. And it is a great honour to find myself on a list beside amazing writers such as John Berger and the marvellous poet Mimi Khalvati, and courageous activists such as Mona Baker and Ewa Jasiewicz. Not to mention my honoured supervisor, Marilyn Booth!

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