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Bookshops in London

A cyber-friend asked me earlier today, on Twitter, for recommendations of bookshops she could visit on her first trip to London. Answering that in Twitter’s 140 characters would have been a challenge indeed, so instead, I made her a Google map with the top picks that Husband and I came up with during an afternoon walk. Further suggestions welcome!

Whilst this is undoubtedly a good start and an exciting bunch, putting together a list like this is also a painful reminder of what isn’t on it. The amazing Compendium in Camden, lost but not forgotten. The wonderful Silver Moon women’s bookshop, where I spent many formative teenage hours (and pounds). Even the famous Foyle’s on Charing Cross Road, which is of course still there but which I remember as being dusty and mysterious but which is now distinctly shiny and corporate-feeling. All the more reason to keep supporting those independents we do still have.

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