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New article: ‘Despite’ Palestinian art exhibition reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 2nd January 2013

Despite has been an important exhibition for many reasons. It is probably one of the largest collections of art from Gaza ever shown, at least outside the Middle East. Nine of the sixteen artists represented at the December show are still based in Gaza.
“Yes, getting some of the works here was a challenge,” El Saqqa told The Electronic Intifada. But it was also imperative that the show included work from painters in the West Bank, the Galilee and Jerusalem. “All parts of Palestine,” he added.
The show has also been significant in displaying the breadth and quality of contemporary Palestinian painting. Some of the best-known Palestinian artists — Emily Jacir, Larissa Sansour — mainly work in photography, installation and conceptual pieces. Despite illustrated the range of talent — both new, such the youthful Dina Mattar, and established, such as Hani Zurob — using more conventional media, but with a great variation of visions and methods.

The full article is here.
And some of the paintings from the exhibition are here, courtesy of Arts Canteen:

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