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I'll be post-feminist in post-patriarchy

This, sadly, is a real 13th birthday card, sold under the Arnold Barton brand which appears to be part of Hallmark. As the Pinkstinks campaign, who took this picture, put it, ‘words fail me’. Or at least ones that wouldn’t constitute incitement to a criminal act:

2 comments on “I'll be post-feminist in post-patriarchy

  1. Marc Hudson
    December 7, 2012

    I want to say unbelievable, but that wouldn’t, sadly, be true.

    Sigh. What a species. Or rather, what a patriarchy.

  2. Hallmark UK & Ireland
    December 7, 2012

    Hi Sarah

    The card was actually produced by a company called Arnold Barton before it became part of our subsidiary group, Hambledon Studios.

    We are as surprised as anyone else to have discovered that there are still copies in circulation. The card has not been produced for over 15 years and would never pass our own strict guidelines of taste and appropriateness.

    We can only apologise for any offence caused and would like to assure you that we will do everything in our power to track down remaining copies.

    The Hallmark UK & Ireland team

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