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Attacks on Gaza… again

As usual, the Western media’s idea of reporting Israel’s latest set of attacks on Gaza is to interview Israeli politicians and military spokespersons, and the occasional outside pundit. By way of antidote, here’s the voice of Mona al-Farra, an amazing doctor who lives in Gaza:

Gaza update 7 15 AM -Thursday -15-11-2012
200 air raids , 11 killed including 4 children and 3 women , 100+ injured , including 15 children and 5 women,.
2 mothers were killed with their children in Jabalia area accorrding to health resources
it is to be continued, iam afraid !will keep you updated as long as i have power and net , other wise iam sure you understand .

Since she posted that on Facebook the death toll has gone up to at least 13 in further air strikes. There are demonstrations in Edinburgh and London this weekend, and a compilation of other places and dates here. The Palestinian Maan News Agency has a timeline here, and some people tweeting live from Gaza now include Yousef al-Jamal, Gazanism, Joe Catron, unusually, a BBC reporter Paul Danaher (but not sure if that’s just for Jaabari’s funeral), Gaza Youth Break Out, and RanaGaza.

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