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New article: Adania Shibli's 'We Are All Equally Far From Love' reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 3rd October 2012

What makes this near-continuous litany of depression and melancholy bearable and sharpens its impact, are the occasional flashes of beauty which punctuate the grimness. One woman waxes lyrical at the brief moment of love she is blessed by: “for her, the sun itself was new. To love, to go to sleep and wake up again, and still be in love. To bathe and love, to cook and love. To drive the car and love”. A besotted man says of his lover that “her back had been like an apricot at the height of summer” and even one of the most frightening events of the book takes place in the setting of “a warm night and thick darkness, especially behind the olive trees”.

The full article is here.

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