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New article: 'In Ramallah, Running' reviewed

Electronic Intifada, 6th September 2012

It is somewhat ironic that artist Emily Jacir’s contribution to the book In Ramallah, Running includes this passage: “Every day there seems to be a new international group coming to do an art project … I am too exhausted. This feels like an onslaught of art missionaries. All of a sudden there seems to be a plethora of projects using Palestinians as subject matter” (148).
The irony lies in how In Ramallah, Running is itself a collection of written and visual artistic works on the loose subject of Ramallah, centered around an extended text by British author Guy Mannes-Abbott and featuring contributions by both Palestinian and international figures. The fact that Jacir’s comments can sit within this volume, while also potentially criticizing its very existence, is testament to the book’s quality. It is a set of thoughts, questions and responses, an excerpt from an ongoing larger conversation.

The full article is here.

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