Sarah Irving

I do things with words, mainly English and Arabic

Translation: 'Feero', by Shafeeq Taha al-Nobany

A second piece of co-translation with Yousef Hamdan, again published in The Arab Review, 25th August 2012

I knew that Samir was a troublemaker by nature, but I never expected this kind of irresponsibility from him. Feero let out a strong miaow, but I didn’t understand why. I didn’t react to his voice and he didn’t act as he should have done, leaving his place, because I didn’t direct him to do so. He didn’t lose his temper, but I couldn’t work out why he had lost some of his usual composure. Samir didn’t explain either, but instead distracted me with another subject of conversation. While we were speaking, Feero scratched my hand until it bled.

The full story is here.

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