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Translation: 'the deposit', by Shafeeq Taha Al-Nobany

The Arab Review, 27th July 2012, translated by Yousef Hamdan and Sarah Irving

Shining ice was spread across the streets without a pattern or shape. The bus was creaking, like an old man whose last grey hair has fallen, along a winding road lined with frozen cypress trees. This year was not like others. The snow invaded from the beginning of September and the ice piled up until January. How long would the ordeal of the ice last? The question passed from mouth to mouth. To start with the whole country stopped moving, but then the governor ordered that we should not succumb to nature’s confusion.

Read the full story here.

2 comments on “Translation: 'the deposit', by Shafeeq Taha Al-Nobany

  1. From far we see you
    July 28, 2012

    Evidently, this Brit – Ms. Irving, is a lonely, bored, anti=semite
    she should keep her ass back where she comes from- a country that has stiffled, and held other people, without any freedom- British owned, from Bermuda, to Barbados, to Uganda.
    As for her writing fiend, Stefan Szepesi, he is not Dutch, but, a Hungarian, whose last name should be: Csufoldi-
    he knows what that means- no bigger Jew hater, than Hungarians, on this planet- second to Poles, even the Germans where not so blood hungry-
    Advice? Write about your own countries first-
    second: do not call us settlers- call the Brits settlers!
    third: the Arabs never had it as good, as now- using Israeli hospitals,
    taking beautiful Akko, and now making it into a camel dump, the rest of their lands look the same: neglected, dirty, and primitive.

  2. Sarah Irving
    July 28, 2012

    This translation was also featured in the July round-up of new Arabic-English work online on Marcia Lynx Qualey’s ArabLit blog:

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