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Bradt Palestine reviewed in Wanderlust

A lovely review of the Bradt Guide to Palestine appears in the February 2012 issue of Wanderlust, so many thanks to the amazing Dervla Murphy (I never thought when I was enjoying books such as A Place Apart or In Ethiopia with a Mule that one day she’d be reviewing mine… Wow!).
The full review isn’t available online, but Murphy says, amongst other things:

“During the guidebook industry’s recent rapid expansion, much writing has become drearily predictable. Not so Sarah Irving’s: open her Palestine and you’ll see what I mean… [her] decade-long intimacy with every corner of Palestine, with most aspects of its ancient culture and with the often confusing twists and turns of its 20th-century political misfortunes give Palestine a distinctive flavour. While adroitly avoiding the polemicist role… Written with verve, clarity and full of stimulating background details, Sarah Irving’s book will delight anyone interested in Palestine – whether they are planning a visit or not”.

Can’t wish for more than that, can you?

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