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Nabi Saleh's first martyr

“The [Israeli soldiers] laughed at us as we screamed at them to let us through to where he was, unconscious in a taxi near the watchtower. They threatened us if we didn’t go back. We waved the flag with his blood on it in front of them. One of them had the audacity to bat it away. We shouted, “His blood is on your hands!” They replied, “So?”” (Linah Alsaafin, Nabi Saleh, Electronic Intifada 10th December 2011)

Mustafa Tamimi of the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh died yesterday after being hit in the head at close range by a high-velocity tear gas canister. The Israeli army claims that its instructions to soldiers are not to fire these directly at protesters. Reports by Israeli human rights organisation B’tselem say that they regularly do exactly that, and have posted footage of Mustafa himself being shot on Friday from a very short distance. The IDF killed Bassem Abu Rahmeh in Bil’in in the same way in April 2009.

Mustafa’s father was not permitted to cross into Israel to be at the hospital where his son died.

10th December is UN Human Rights Day.

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