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Bradt Guide to Palestine in GLW

The Bradt Guide to Palestine was listed as one of Green Left Weekly’s top choices for summer reading (this is an Australian publication!). Many thanks to Patrick Harrison, who recently road-tested an advance version of the guidebook on his own visit to the West Bank.

This is the ideal resource for Palestinian solidarity activists and travellers in the Holy Land. The best book of its kind, it delivers a frank and honest picture of Palestine when the vast majority of tourist literature is an accomplice to the erasure of Palestinian history and culture.
As the author states in the introduction, “to visit Palestine is, in some measure, a political act” even for conventional tourists.
The guide’s background information section pulls no punches regarding the creation of Israel and the occupation of ’67. It’s also one of the only guides available that also covers Palestinian communities inside Israel. This is the only book worth reading for travellers to Palestine, whether interested in solidarity activism or not.

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