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Slightly more pleasant things

After that post about my most recent… well, not really a troll. More of a crypto-troll. But being subtle about it doesn’t make you any less of a malign timewaster. Anyway, by way of an antidote here is some of the rather nicer feedback the Bradt Guide to Palestine has been getting from people who actually know a bit about what they’re commenting on.
For instance, this from Jonatan Stanczak of the Freedom Theatre in Jenin:

“I live in Jenin in the north West Bank and this is a very important book… I’ve already had plenty of use of this book. Recommended to anyone that has travelled or planning to travel Palestine.”

And this from Stefan Szepesi, author of a soon-to-be-published book of hikes in the West Bank:

“finally, finally I can toss away all the guide books that include Palestine only as a clumsy rushed annex at the back.”

And this from a tour group leader, recently back from the West Bank:

“I am just back from there and my groups were moaning about their guide (Lonely Planet one, useless for Palestine!)”

Thanks to all…

One comment on “Slightly more pleasant things

  1. From far we see you
    August 11, 2012

    Vid visza a budos segedet a magjarok-hoz-
    egj hazug, anti-semita, keresztenj vagj-
    biztosan nagj szuloid, szido gjilkosok voltak

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