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Nov 30th: all out?

Tomorrow is strike day across the UK; the press all seem to be bellowing about ‘disruption’ without much comment on why industrial action is necessary. At the University of Edinburgh, the uni management have apparently been trying to apply moral blackmail to staff, telling them that striking is not in the interests of their students. The student union rightly responded to that by pointing out to uni management that it is in no position to be speaking on student interests (which in management eyes seems to include whacking fees up to the absolute maximum). EUSA‘s position on the strike came in an email late last night:

This coming Wednesday, members of the UCU and EIS will be going on strike alongside other public sector unions, to defend their pensions, and to protest against changes to service provision. EUSA supports this strike, as we believe that this attack on pensions is part of a wider picture of cuts to education, and we believe that targeting pensions in this way is fundamentally unfair. Students will be on picket lines throughout the University urging their fellow students not to cross picket lines, and I would urge you to heed their advice if you can. The strike will undoubtedly cause disruption, but the disruption is minimal compared to that caused by education cuts, so please do support your lecturers in their action to defend your education. You can find more information via the following links:
Facebook event
Mike Williamson, EUSA Vice President Academic Affairs

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