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Bradt Guide to Palestine – finally out

So, I now have not only a lone advance copy of my new Bradt Guide to Palestine, but a box filled with all my author comps. It’s officially for sale – not just advance order – on the Bradt website, Amazon and other online bookstores, as well as, one hopes, the terrestrial variety. And as well as the lovely review from leading Middle East travel journalist Matthew Teller, I’ve also had great feedback from:
Dervla Murphy, the doyenne of travel writing since the late 1960s, says the guidebook is “superb… hugely impressed… congratulations”
— Mahmoud Muna of the Educational Bookshop in East Jerusalem (which I believe was the biggest single seller of the 2000 Henry Stedman version of the Bradt guidebook). Mahmoud says “Beside the nice things you wrote about us… I really think you done a marvelous job in this book, comprehensive, sharp and useful book for every visitor to this city… and a well deserved well done”.
— an Aussie acquaintance who shall remain nameless, since he’s still in Palestine on an olive-harvest-permaculture-and-volunteering trip, said of some pdf’d sections I sent him to help with his travels: “This is one of the best travel guides I’ve ever read. I’m so glad you sent me [it]… All of the stuff about precautions, budgeting, etc is really helpful”.
Of course, looking through the real thing, I have been spotting irritating little mistakes which I should have recognised earlier (missing commas! What is the world coming to?). But I’m still very, very excited that it’s finally out… and that’s what second editions are for… Insh’allah!

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